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Articles - Germaine's Luau | Paradise Cove Luau 


The two (2) most popular luaus in the island of Oahu are the Germaine’s Luau and the Paradise Cove Luau, and it is very hard to decide which is the better.

As such, many visitors to the island of Oahu have tried in vain to determine the best luau to go to, which had led to many disappointments.


The Germaine’s Luau and the Paradise Cove Luau are both great luaus they both have been around awhile. However, both luaus are not for everyone since both luaus are different as all people are different. As such, the best way to determine the best luau is by determining the qualities of each luau and also the type of person you are or what type of mood and situation you are in for the luau period.


The Paradise Cove Luau is situated in the Koolina Resort grounds where they have spent millions of dollars to beautify the location. Furthermore, the dinner is served on a china ware, whereas, the dinner at the Germaine’s Luau is served on a paper plate. To continue, the Paradise Cove Luau has additional features such as the lei making, the spear throwing, the canoe ride, the hukilau (fish net pulling), and also the shower of flowers. Nevertheless, the Germaine’s Luau makes up by having the continuous shows with their hosts being very energetic. Whereas, the Paradise Cove Luau is more of a mellow tone with the regular breaks after every two (2) shows and also with their hosts being more mellow as compared to the Germaine’s Luau.


The best description for the Paradise Cove Luau is ‘Beautiful and Romantic’ and the best description for the Germaine’s Luau is ‘Fun.’ Hence, the best way to determine the best luau for you is by asking yourself, are you with the love of your life and you are in a very romantic mood? Or are you with your family or friends and you just want to have some fun?














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